Roelof Oosthuizen Incorporated was set up by Roelof Oosthuizen to provide support to local small business and farmers.

RO Inc. Chartered Accountants (SA) was built up from scratch over decades and is well-loved by loyal clients. We assist you in growing your enterprise to whatever level you aspire to.

We are friendly, helpful and approachable, yet backed up with technical knowledge, business acumen and an understanding of what it is to run a SME in today's world. Our staff compliment of 16 are efficient and well-trained in their respective areas of expertise.

RO Chartered Accountants, headed by Roelof Oosthuizen
Roelof Oosthuizen

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Map and directions to RO Chartered Accountants in Citrusdal

Tel: +27 (0)22 921 2702

E-mail: info @ ro .co .za

Fax: 022 921 3644

Skype: ro.incorporated


40 Voortrekker str
Citrusdal 7340
Western Cape, South Africa

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